2015:           Jeffrey P. Shay, Washington and Lee University

2011:           Cynthia Nalevanko, Sage Publications

2005:           Paul Hirsh, Northwestern University

2004:           Richard W. Stackman, University of San Francisco

2003           Kay Devine, University of Alberta

2002:         Joyce Osland, San Jose State University

2001:         Paul Buller, Gonzaga University

                  Thomas G. Cummings, University of Southern California 

2000:          John and Suzanne Bigelow, Boise State University

                    Gretchen Spreitzer, University of Michigan

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                  Los Angelos 

1990:         Craig C. Lundberg, Cornell University

Joan G. Dahl President's Award Recipients:


André Delbecq WAM 'State of Mind' Award Recipients:

2012:         Paul Buller, Gonzaga University

                  Glenn McEvoy, Utah State University

2011:         Asbjorn Osland, San Jose State University

2010:         Fr. Brian Bainbridge (poshumous)

                  Kay Devine, Athabasca University

2009:         Andre Delbecq, Santa Clara University

2008:         Charles Vance, Loyola Marymount                                                                    University

2007:         Craig C. Lundberg, Cornell University

2006:         B. Thomas Mayes, CSU Fullerton


WAMMY Award Recipients:

Surviving or Thriving: Social Framing, Community Embeddedness, and Venture Performance:
Robert Eberhart, Santa Clara University

Renee Rottner, University of California, Santa Barbara


A Closer Look Into The Improvements In Student Teamwork Effectiveness Following Peer-Evaluation

Monique Domingo, San Francisco State University

Antoaneta Petkova, San Francisco State University

Eric Lamm, San Francisco State University


The Buffering Role of Employee Commitment in Reducing the Outcomes of Procedural Injustice: A Moderated Mediation Approach:

Nourah Alfayez, New Mexico State University


Ways to Initiate Character-Based Leadership:  What Do Others See?:

Arthur Degroat, Kansas State University

John Hollwitz, Fordham University

Lucas Monzani, Plymouth University

Gerard Seijts, Western University

Thomas Wright, Fordham University

A Research Study of the GRIT of freshman Undergraduate, Senior Undergraduate and MBA Students:

Harold Harlow, Wingate University


Exploring Engagement Strategies in Mid-Career and Beyond:

Ellen Ensher, Loyola Marymount University

Elisa Grant-Vallone, CSU San Marcos

Evidence of universal leadership effects on follower satisfaction:

Arran Caza, University of Manitoba

Brianna Caza, University of Manitoba

Barry Posner, Santa Clara University

Engaging Millennials in the American Workplace

Stephanie Van Dellen, University of San Diego

Within Country Linguistic Distance and the Transfer of Strategic Organizational Practices:

Komal Kalra, University of Victoria 

Mike Szymanski, University of Victoria

Carlo Brighi, University of Victoria