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Info about WAM's Consortia

The Junior Faculty Consortium and the Doctoral Student Consortium hosted by WAM is usually held the Wednesday through Thursday, right before the annual conference.

WAM invites doctoral students at all stages in their program to apply for the Doctoral Consortium and all junior faculty to apply for the Junior Faculty Consortium. We especially welcome newcomers to the WAM conference!


The aim of the consortium is to build a supportive community of scholars at all stages of the profession. The consortia program will offer panels, presentations and small group discussions about research, publishing, teaching, and other career-related issues. There will be opportunities to network with scholars, journal editors, JMI career award winners, award winning ascendant scholars, past WAM presidents, and other conference attendees. Attendees must commit to attending the full session, and plan to join the included networking dinner on the Wednesday evening before the annual conference.

2025 Consortia
Applications coming soon. Typically due in January.

Check out the 2024 Consortia
Wednesday, March 13th 3:00pm through Thursday, March 14th 

Screen Shot 2024-03-14 at 9.27.13 AM.png

Check out the 2023 Consortia


Why come to the consortium?

What a gift to be able to attend the WAM doctoral consortium! The major highlight of the conference is the people! Hands down. The scholars and journal editors have been incredibly accessible, authentic, and vulnerable with us (doctoral students in the consortium) in conversations about personal and professional development. The small intimate setting has allowed for a considerable amount of 1-1 time (beyond what I could have imagined) with scholars and editors who are genuinely interested in helping bring forth the best in each of us as we progress on our journeys. In addition, it has been a humbling honor to meet my peers from other doctoral programs and learn about their research journeys and hopes for the future. Thank you to Patricia and Holly for coordinating such a wonderful doctoral consortium! and thank you to everyone who has taken time out of their day to welcome us to the WAM community! I'm already looking forward to attending the next WAM! 

Jessi Hinz

PhD Student, Case Western Reserve University

What is great about WAM? Can I say everything?
I love WAM for so many reasons. First, the doctoral consortium. The best word to describe it is grateful. I am grateful for the opportunity to attend, the organizers, and the professors willing to take time out of their busy schedules to teach us more about the field. It was a great networking experience and I thoroughly enjoyed learning from the editorial board, ascendant scholars, JMI scholars, and the information about the job market. I also enjoy WAM for the relaxed atmosphere of the social events. I feel comfortable approaching anyone about any topic. It is nice to have the opportunity to pick the brain of some great people in our field not just about research, but to understand who they are as people.Thank you for providing such a friendly and encouraging atmosphere to students.

Gabby Swab

PhD Student, University of Mississippi

What is WAM? There is so much more to WAM than I can describe in two paragraphs, but I will keep it short. WAM is AWESOME! WAM is a place where a family of intellectuals meet once a year in wonderful locations. It is made of the brainpowers who support and encourage each other to pursue high achievements, share ideas and work collaboratively to produce amazing journals on theories, discoveries, inquiries, and more.


WAM 2018 Conference is my first attendance and I take away so much from Ascendant Scholars, Journal Editors, Faculties, and Current Doctoral Students. I am very fortunate to be a part of this community and grateful to everyone who was kind, generous and supportive during this event. I have made valuable connections with several colleagues and I am looking forward to networking and collaborating with them on innovative projects in the near future.

Shabana Khan

Master Student, University of La Verne

I truly appreciate the chance to attend the WAM doctoral consortium, a content-rich and well-organized event. It enables me, a new doctoral student, to develop an understanding of the academic field and a plan for my academic career.  I made friends, met outstanding scholars and obtained helpful advice in small groups. I would like to express my sincere thanks to the organizers and seniors for their patience and kindness to help doctoral students.

Jialei Yang ​​

PhD Student, University of Oulu, Finland

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