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JMI Scholars

JMI Scholar Award

  • Eligibility: This award recognizes our colleagues who have distinguished themselves over the course of their careers, have a reputation for mentoring successful researchers, and have personal qualities that enhance the WAM culture.

  • Process: Western Academy of Management and Journal of Management Inquiry sponsors this award

Congratulations to our newest, 2024 JMI Scholars: 
Elaine Hollensbe & Clint Chadwick


Elaine Hollensbe is a Professor in the Management Department. She completed her PhD in organizational behavior and human resource management at the University of Kansas.


Dr. Hollensbe has published qualitative research in the areas of identity, work-life balance, and emotion and quantitative research on goal setting, compensation and self-efficacy. Her current research is qualitative and focuses on individual and organizational identity work and organizational identification. Her research has been published in such journals as the Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Management, Academy of Management Review, and Human Resource Development Quarterly and has been recognized with national awards, including the Owens Scholarly Achievement Award, the Rosabeth Moss Kanter Award, and the Outstanding Publication in Organizational Behavior Award. She is a former Associate Editor of the Academy of Management Journal. Dr. Hollensbe teaches classes in the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs has received four teaching awards from the Lindner College of Business. She is a Fellow of the Graduate School at UC and a fellow of UC's Academy of Fellows of Teaching and Learning. In addition, she is both a Research Fellow and a Teaching Fellow in the Lindner College of Business. She also is involved in designing and facilitating executive programs and workshops on leadership, team building, and work-life balance.


Clint Chadwick is the Howard Fitch/Fred Ball professor in Management and Entrepreneurship at the Kansas University School of Business. Clint earned his Ph.D. at the University of Pennsylvania.


His research focuses on the impact of human resource systems and human capital on firm competitiveness; organizational alignment, downsizing and strategic renewal in organizations. His research interests include strategic HRM, strategic human capital, and human capital. He has published work in outlets such as the Strategic Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, and Journal of Management.

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Our 2023 JMI Scholar: Kim Elsbach

2020_Nancy Harding.png

Kimberly D. Elsbach (PhD Stanford University) is Professor Emerita at the Graduate School of Management, University of California, Davis.  She is also a Fellow of the Academy of Management, International Research Fellow at the Center for Corporate Reputation, Oxford University and co-founder of the Davis Conference on Qualitative Research.


Kim's research focuses on perception – specifically how people perceive each other and their organizations.  She has studied these perceptual processes in variety of contexts ranging from the California cattle industry, and the National Rifle Association, to Hollywood screenwriters and NASCAR fans.  Some of her recent work examines how crying at work affects perceptions of professional women at work and how self-perceptions influence one’s willingness to take ideas in creative collaborations. 

Past JMI Scholars

2022_Violina Rindova.png
2022_Michael Lounsbury.png
2021_Maureen Ambrose.png
2021_Marshall Schminke.png
2020_Linda Smircich.png
2021_Martin Hoegl.png
2020_Marta B. Calás.png
2019_Barry Staw.png
2018_Jane Dutton.png
2017_Jean Barunek.png
2016_Mary Hatch.png
2014_Blake Ashforth.png
2013_Terence Mitchell.png
2018_Nandini Rajagopalan.png
2017_Roy Suddaby.png
2016_Alan Meyer.png
2015_Edward Zajac.png
2014_Sandra Robinson.png
2013_Gerry McNamara.png
2012_Chuck Snow.png
2011_Barry Posner.png
2011_Gretchen Spreitzer,.png
2010_Joyce Osland.png
2010_William Torbert.png
2009_William Starbuck.png
2009_David Whetten.png
2008_Joan Winn.png
2008_Alan Glassman.png
2007_Denise Rousseau.png
2006_Tom Cummings.png
2006_Jone Pearce.png
2005_Lyman Porter.png
2005_Peter J. Frost,.png
2004_Royston Greewood.png
2004_Don Palmer.png
2003_C.R. (Bob) Hinings.png
2003_Joanne Martin.png

2022:    Violina Rindova, University of Southern California

              Michael Lounsbury, University of Alberta

2021:      Maureen Ambrose, University of Central Florida

               Marshall Schminke, University of Central Florida

               Martin Hoegl, Ludwig-Maximilians University of Munich

2020:     Nancy Harding, University of Bath

               Linda Smircich, University of Massachusetts

               Marta B. Calás, University of Massachusetts


2019:       Barry M. Staw, Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley


2018:       Jane E. Dutton, University of Michigan

                Nandini Rajagopalan, University of Southern California

2017:        Jean Barunek, Boston College

                 Roy Suddaby, University of Victoria

2016:        Mary Jo Hatch

                 Alan Meyer, University of Oregon

2015:        Wayne Cascio, University of Colorado Denver

                 Edward Zajac, Northwestern University

2014:        Blake Ashforth, Arizona State University

                 Sandra Robinson, University of British Columbia

2013:         Terence Mitchell, University of Washington

                  Gerry McNamara, Michigan State University

2012:          Chuck Snow, Pennsylvania State University

                   Thomas Wright, Kansas State University

2011:           Barry Posner, Santa Clara University

                   Gretchen Spreitzer, University of Michigan

2010:          Joyce Osland, San Jose State University

                   William Torbert, Boston College

2009:         William Starbuck, New York University

                   David Whetten, Brigham Young University

2008:         Joan Winn, Denver University

                   Alan Glassman, California State Uni., Northridge           

2007:         Denise Rousseau, Carnegie Mellon University


2006:        Tom Cummings, Uni. of Southern California                                    Jone Pearce, University of California, Irvine

2005:        Lyman Porter, University of California Irvine

                  Peter J. Frost, University of British Columbia                                   (posthumous)

2004:        Royston Greewood, University of Alberta

                  Don Palmer, University of California, Davis

2003:        C.R. (Bob) Hinings, University of Alberta

                 Joanne Martin, Stanford University

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