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Journal of Management Inquiry

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"The Journal of Management Inquiry, sponsored by the Western Academy of Management, is a refereed journal for scholars and professionals in management.


JMI’s mission is to contribute to the generation and diffusion of original and thought-provoking knowledge. JMI is catalytic, authoritative, and eclectic, publishing inspired research reflective of the latest theory and practice. We strive to be at the forefront of academic debate in the field of management and organization studies and contribute to the academic dialogue about management, largely defined. 

Through distinct sections, JMI publishes ideas that challenge our collective beliefs, push the frontiers of our understanding, and impact both our readers and the larger community.


JMI´s mission is to publish manuscripts that ally the rigor of Administrative Science Quarterly with the style of The New Yorker (or Le Monde or The Economist, if you are not from the U.S.)."

Details about JMI

Article types:

  1. Dialog

  2. Empirical

  3. Essay

  4. Generative Curiosity

  5. Meet the Person

  6. Provocations & Provocateurs

  7. Reflection on Experience

  8. Six Degrees​

Disciplines include:

  • Organizational Behavior

  • Organization Management and Theory

  • Organization Development and Change

  • Human Resources

  • Business Policy and Strategy

  • Research Methods

  • Gender and Diversity in Organizations

  • Conflict Management

  • Ethics

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Technology and Innovation

  • International Management

Examples of highly read articles:

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