2022 JMI Scholars

Western Academy of Management and Journal of Management Inquiry sponsors this award to recognize our colleagues who have distinguished themselves over the course of their careers, have a reputation for mentoring successful researchers, and have personal qualities that enhance the WAM culture.

Violina Rindova
University of Southern California

Michael Lounsbury
University of Alberta


2021: Maureen Ambrose, University of Central Florida

Marshall Schminke, University of Central Florida

Martin Hoegl, Ludwig-Maximilians University of Munich


2020: Nancy Harding, University of Bath

Linda Smircich, University of Massachusetts

Marta B. Calás, University of Massachusetts


2019: Barry M. Staw, Haas School of Business, University of

California Berkeley


2018: Jane E. Dutton, University of Michigan

Nandini Rajagopalan, University of Southern California

2017:           Jean Barunek, Boston College

                    Roy Suddaby, University of Victoria

2016:           Mary Jo Hatch

                    Alan Meyer, University of Oregon

2015:           Wayne Cascio, University of Colorado Denver

                    Edward Zajac, Northwestern University

2014:           Blake Ashforth, Arizona State University

                    Sandra Robinson, University of British Columbia

2013:           Terence Mitchell, University of Washington

                    Gerry McNamara, Michigan State University

2012:           Chuck Snow, Pennsylvania State University

                    Thomas Wright, Kansas State University

2011:           Barry Posner, Santa Clara University

                    Gretchen Spreitzer, University of Michigan

2010:           Joyce Osland, San Jose State University

                    William Torbert, Boston College

2009:        William Starbuck, New York University

                 David Whetten, Brigham Young University

2008:        Joan Winn, Denver University

                 Alan Glassman, California State University                             Northridge

2007:        Denise Rousseau, Carnegie Mellon University

2006:        Tom Cummings, University of Southern                                 California

                 Jone Pearce, University of California, Irvine

2005:        Lyman Porter, University of California Irvine

                 Peter J. Frost, University of British Columbia                         (posthumous)

2004:        Royston Greewood, University of Alberta

                 Don Palmer, University of California, Davis

2003:        C.R. (Bob) Hinings, University of Alberta

                 Joanne Martin, Stanford University