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Virtual Meeting engagement

Virtual Conferences cannot replace the engagement of an in-person conference, however, the WAM Board want to ensure you get the most out of the WAM 2021 Virtual Conference this year.  Below are a number of ways for you to engage with other WAM 2021 attendees.


Throughout the Conference:



The Whova Virtual Platform is how you will access all the conference content throughout the conference and engage with other attendees.  To understand what you’ll see as an attendee, review this document on What to Expect.  You can also find more details on how to engage with others using the Whova’s Attendee Guide.


SpatialChat - WAM Terrace: Connect











SpatialChat is a virtual experience designed to help people gather and connect online. You will be identified with an avatar when you enter which you can move around a 2D style space named WAM Terrace to meet and converse with other WAM attendees. Move around to any of the rooms by clicking on the room you wish to enter.  As you move around WAM Terrace, the audio of the other people in the room fades based on your distance to them.


Some rooms are named after WAM 2021 Tracks so they are available for those wishing to continue their discussions after their scheduled session in Whova.


Please note that the following WAM events will take place in a theater-style environment in WAM Terrace (their rooms are identified in the bar on the right):


  • WAM 2021 Welcome: Thursday April 22 (8:30am-8:45am)

  • Conversation with Martin Hoegl, 2021 JMI Scholar: Friday April 23 (8:00am-8:45am)

  • Fireside Chat with 2021 JMI Scholars Maureen Ambrose & Marshall Shminke followed by “WAM After Hours”

  • Ascendant Scholars Session: Saturday April 24 (12:30pm-1:45pm)

  • Awards & Closing: Saturday April 24 (4:45pm-6:00pm)


WAM Terrace will be open for attendees throughout the conference.  


Learn more about how you can navigate SpatialChat:


Please check your Device settings to ensure you have the best SpatialChat experience:

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