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Virtual Presentation Guidelines

All speaker presentations will be scheduled into the program as simulated live talks. This means that attendees will watch each pre-recorded talk as if being broadcast live — avoiding the stress of live streaming and the potential technical issues that could arise from this.

Step 1: Create your Presentation using PowerPoint Slides


  • Please include an intro slide below at the beginning of your presentation (include the title of your talk, your name and your affiliation)

  • Ensure that any graphs/charts/figures you include are large enough to be viewed on a screen, and there’s space at the bottom of your slides for closed captioning.

  • Practice going through your talk to confirm that the timings are accurate, and that the number of slides correlates with your allotment of time.

  • Remember to take a few moments at the start of your talk to introduce yourself, in lieu of a chair.

  • You may consider including a contact email address and/or twitter handle in your final slide, to make it easy for attendees to contact you with any follow up questions post event.




Step 2: Record Your Video

Please be aware that videos of Traditional and Developmental Papers will need to be submitted in the form of a hyperlink from either Zoom or YouTube.  Below are downloadable instructions for three options to create your videos:










Step 3: Upload Your Presentation

Presenters must upload all videos via their individual url (this will be communicated via email)







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